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Social Security
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Social Security : Description

Social Security : This App: * Presents estimates of Social Security MBA (Monthly Benefit Amount). Estimates are intended for reference only. * Graphically displays MBA profiles as a function of Social Security filing age. * Displays MBA profiles for single individuals or joint filers. * Summarizes estimated MBA changes in an easy to understand table. * Estimates an equivalent annual gross taxable income amount (e$/year) for standard of living comparison to the non-retired working population. Estimation is based on prior year's Standard Deductions and Exemptions and default (changeable) state income tax of 6%. Does not consider non-Social Security income. * Graphs total accumulated income from Social Security as “Total Amount Received vs Longevity (Primary's Age)”. This demonstrates the advantage of delaying filing for benefits until closer to age 70. Additionally: * Actual MBA will be calculated by the Social security Administration at the time of filing for benefits. * This app is a private endeavor and as such is not endorsed, sponsored or in any way recommended by the Social Security Administration or any other agency, public or private. * Comments and Suggestions are welcome at “”.

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Social Security Social Security Social Security Social Security Social Security

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Added "Longevity" screen.

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