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Potter Birds
Dartanha Studio       Arcade

Potter Birds : Statistics

Rating 3.7

Votes 422

Downloads 50,000+
Language Potter Birds Arabic

Potter Birds : Description

Potter Birds : Gryffindor birds want to defeat the forces of darkness. A difficult game with the birds that love Harry Potter. Only a true Gryffindor member managed to guide them to victory. An HP-themed fantasy game: Will Gryffindor Birds be able to find the Philosopher's Stone? Where is the stone hidden? Venture to defeat Voldemort, the Death Eaters and find the Philosopher's Stone. The game is extremely difficult and the only member of Gryffindor managed to end the battle. It has three worlds: The Scottish fields Hagrid's Hut Hogwarts Castle and Philosopher's Stone There are 10 stages per world with challenging adventures that bring a lot of puzzle and physics. You will see: HP objects; The philosopher's Stone; Fluffy; Buckbeak; Witch Chess; Devil's Snare; Mandraks Pixies Death Easter Voldemort Flying keys; Mirror of Erised; Spells; Potions; Puzzle; Humor; Mystery; and much more! Participation of birds fans of Ron, Hermione and Harry. Contains Ads!

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Potter Birds Potter Birds Potter Birds Potter Birds Potter Birds

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