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Dinosaur GO
Jurassic Dinosaur Game       Simulation

Dinosaur GO : Statistics

Rating 4

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Language Dinosaur GO Arabic

Dinosaur GO : Description

Dinosaur GO : Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade Dinosauria that first appeared during the Triassic period. Now they come through the wormhole around us. Do not worry, they are not dangerous. They want to learn how to talk from us. Quickly go out and catch your dinosaurs. Dinosaurs out of the ancient and now roam the streets of your city! Some of them - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Duck-billed Dinosaur and Flying Pterosaur. In this simulation you have to find and catch the hidden dinosaurs in the real world with the help of radar and camera smartphone. Move on city streets, parks and squares, even inside buildings and with the help of the radar is disguised dinosaurs. Use the powerball catch discovered the dinosaurs, so he gets to your phone. Collect them all in your collection. How to play: Go out of the house, looking for bubbles to take the circle. Near the circle, so that dinosaurs come out. Use the powerballs to collect dinosaurs. Find the windmill building to get more powerballs. Features: - Augmented Reality Game - Excellent graphics - Very good sounds - Less wear battery - Easy to use - Very funny - Ideal for the younger children. The dinosaurs also appear inside indoors - Totally free Dinosaur GO uses augmented reality technology, and requires you to move around to find dinosaurs. Now go out for find and catch your dinosaurs !

Dinosaur GO : Screenshots

Dinosaur GO Dinosaur GO Dinosaur GO Dinosaur GO Dinosaur GO

Dinosaur GO : Whats New

1 Add capture sound effect, AR background sound. 2 AR browsing function.

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