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Kindara Fertility & Ovulation
Kindara, Inc.       Medical

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation : Statistics

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Kindara Fertility & Ovulation : Description

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation : Do you want to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy naturally, or track periods while learning about your body? Then Kindara, the app Bloomberg TV calls "The Future of Reproductive Health”, is perfect for you. We are passionate about helping women take charge of their fertility! Over a million women have already taken the next steps, and we want to help you, too. Why Kindara? Kindara is the most sophisticated fertility app available. You can use Kindara to more thoroughly understand your cycle, which could help you get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, manage perimenopause, learn if you have health conditions like PCOS, and generally live more in-sync with your body. Based on the proven science of the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), our goal is for you to feel confident around your reproductive health. To make charting even faster and easier, Kindara now pairs with our sophisticated and wireless Basal Body Temperature Thermometer, Wink. Learn more about Wink here: IF YOUR GOAL IS TO GET PREGNANT: 
* By knowing your fertile window and ovulation timing, you can time sex to increase the likelihood of conception IF YOUR GOAL IS TO AVOID PREGNANCY: 
* Kindara is based on the Fertility Awareness Method, which is up to 99.6% effective when used correctly
 * On non-fertile days, you can enjoy unprotected sex and still avoid pregnancy
 * Kindara supports the Sympto-Thermal method and can be used for Natural Family Planning (NFP) IF YOUR GOAL IS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY: 
* Gain visibility into conditions like annovulation, PCOS and hypothyroidism 
* Better understand hormone fluctuations resulting from menopause
 * Understand your cycle when coming off of hormonal birth control KEY FEATURES:
 + Calendar and fertility chart that accurately predict fertile days, ovulation and menstruation + Share your chart with your practitioner to facilitate the best care for you
 + Track basal body temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
 + Enter cervical fluid type for each day + Indicate peak days for your period and cervical fluid + Track sex and know high fertility days with our ovulation prediction
 + Enter menstruation timing to track your period 
+ Track ovulation predictor kit results, cervical changes, PMS symptoms, spotting, pregnancy tests, cervix height/firmness and other data right on your chart
 + Daily journal entries to keep track of moods, doctor visits, etc
 + Vast Knowledge Base - how to avoid pregnancy, practice Natural Family Planning (NFP) or get pregnant KINDARA COMMUNITY: 
Kindara users love the app and they share and support each other in the Kindara community. Get feedback and support from fellow community members and FAM enthusiasts to help interpret your fertility chart. Kindara is a women’s health company based in Boulder, Colorado. Our mission is to help women feel confident and powerful about their bodies and reproductive health. Please get in touch with us at to help us improve future releases.

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation : Screenshots

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Kindara Fertility & Ovulation

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation : Whats New

Small changes for GDPR.

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