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Avatar Maker Pro
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Avatar Maker Pro : Create fun cartoon avatar of yourself and your friends with avatar maker pro application. Tons of customization features of cartoon avatar maker allows you to nail down your appearance. Change the look of your personal avatar's hair, facial hair ,eye color, eyebrow, beard, nose, ear, and even the clothes that show up when you send your moji,cartoon avatar to your friends.Once you created a cartoon avatar of yourself or friends, you can share it via Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger, or any other messenger you choose. This cartoon avatar maker pro is a free app that allows to make your personalized anime chibi cartoon avatar by combining various face parts. Avatar maker pro is also a moji comic character creator addicted game for making chibi cartoon avatar of you. Just combine various face parts and get ready to create your crazy cartoon avatar characters. Make your personalized comic avatar cartoon and show your inner art by share to all your friend and family.It helps to make an expressive comic character and avatar with customizable eyes, noses, mouth, hairstyles and lots of crazy cartoonish stuffs. How to use: First, you pick a face shape, then skin tone, hair color, length, type, style, jaw shape, eyebrows, a mouth and so on. Features of cartoon avatar maker pro: - Easy to use - Allows you to create a personalized avatar to your friends and family. - Make avatar of girl & boy. - Tons of fun stickers. - Change hair and eyes color, cloth color, accordingly. - And much more Note : Our avatar maker pro app has no concern with bit.moji app. Please do not consider us bit.moji app.

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