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Hooked on Words
Plasmaworks LLC       Word

Hooked on Words : Statistics

Rating 3.8

Votes 3679

Downloads 100,000+
Language Hooked on Words Arabic

Hooked on Words : Description

Hooked on Words : *** Over 1.5 Million Downloads on iOS *** Unlike games like Hanging With Friends or Words With Friends, which are limited by their format or the strength of the opposition, there’s a much greater feeling of variety in Hooked on Words "5 out of 5" –Appolicious Hooked on Words is the exciting new word search game that brings a fun and addicting twist to the genre with its innovative bonus tile system. With its eye popping visuals and smooth as silk mechanics Hooked on Words is sure to have you coming back time and time again. Best of all it’s free to play with no coins to buy or gameplay designed to force you to purchase additional items. Spell words in any direction to clear that word from the board and then watch as new letters fall in their place. Spell bigger words to earn bonus tiles that can help extend your game and achieve bigger scores. With its 4 game modes there is a little something for everyone whether you like to take your time and strategize or prefer fast and furious action. Once a game is over you can track your best words and scores and even see where you stack up against other players from around the world with the unique in game viewing system for Swarm leaderboards. So what are you waiting for? If you love word search games like Boggle, Word Search, Scrabble, Wurdle and Spelltower then download Hooked on Words and get one of the best word search games available today. Standard Mode: Play at your own pace as you strategize to spell bigger words and earn bonus tiles. Timed Mode: Players get 2 minutes and an unlimited supply of letter tiles to spell as many words as possible. Collapse Mode: Try and clear the board and keep your letter tile count as low as possible as new letters fall into place at a faster and faster rate. Bigger words give you bonuses to clear extra letters. Scramble Mode: A static 6 x 7 board where letters don’t change and players have 2 minutes to spell as many words as possible. New Extended Mode: Endless supply of letter tiles with a limited number of moves as you try to fill the points meter and reach the next level. Play at your own pace and strategize the biggest possible words. How far can you get? Features at a glance: 
· 5 Word search game modes 
· Universal App
· Results system that keeps track of your best words and scores 
· Swarm leaderboards and achievements 
Note from the developer: First of all we’d like to say thank you to everyone who decided to give Hooked on Words a try. In an effort to make word search games accessible to everyone we wanted to provide the game for free so that players everywhere can enjoy it. We hope once you try it you’ll be “Hooked” and will share the game with your friends and family. If you really love the game please support us via the in app purchase to remove ads so that we can continue to bring you great content. Have a suggestion for a word you’d like to see in Hooked on Words? Email it to us at submit@

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Hooked on Words Hooked on Words Hooked on Words Hooked on Words Hooked on Words

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- Fixed to work on devices with x86 CPU such as Galaxy Tab 3.

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