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Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist : Statistics

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Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist : Description

Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist : Don't forget things you or your friends want. Wish Explorer is a modern version of a shopping wish list that allows you to easily note down, organize and share wishes on your mobile, tablet and desktop. WHY SHOULD YOU USE THIS APP? 1. DON'T FORGET WISHES - Quick and easy note down 2. STAY ORGANIZED - Create, edit and sort your shopping wish list 3. BEST TECH - Synchronized on mobile & desktop 4. SHARE WISHES or lists with friends for better gifts 5. SOCIAL FEATURES - Interesting functions for groups 6. YOUR EVENTS - Useful for many purposes and occasions WHY WISH EXPLORER INSTEAD OF OTHER ALTERNATIVE? We encourage you to make your own opinion and compare features such as speed, ease of use, synchronization, offline accessibility, desktop support, reservations, list sort functions, automatic data import from websites, list visibility/privacy options or options for sharing wishes with people that do not have the app. 1. DON'T FORGET WISHES Quickly note down anything that you encounter and like on- or offline either by typing, by voice or by the automatic data import. It is saved now and can be accessed whenever you want to. 2. STAY ORGANIZED Making a list for any occasions and editing it at any time or place helps you to stay organized. Drag-and-drop for sorting and real-time synchronization are very helpful to manage your shopping lists and wishes. 3. BEST TECHNOLOGY Wish Explorer is available for mobile and desktop, fast, synchronized, accessible offline, and automatically imports data from different online shops (no typing). 4. SHARE WISHES By sharing your wishes, you can show your friends what you really like and help them to find a great present for you. Likewise, you can use lists of your friends to find a present that will make them really happy. 5. SOCIAL FEATURES Functions that are interesting for groups are for example the tagging of wishes as "reserved" or sharing public lists by sending links. The latter is useful in cases when some friends or group members do not have app. 6. YOUR EVENTS The app is also useful for personal shopping, presents or wishes as well as for occasions such as Christmas, your birthday, wedding, shopping, house warming or as a baby registry. Install Wish Explorer now! Email us if you have any feedback or questions: Our website:

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Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist

Wish Explorer - Shopping Wishlist : Whats New

- Fixed a rare bug where all items could be moved to the main list - Improved detection of the properties of added articles - Fixed some minor issues

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