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SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email
WiTopia, Inc.       Communication

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SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email : Description

SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email : SecureMyEmail offers super easy, end-to-end encrypted email for ANY email address. Secure, encrypt and protect your Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, or any other email address, including business email, with ease. Makes your email - and all attachments - completely private and secure with unbreakable encryption. Nobody —not your email provider, ISP, hackers, identity thieves, snoopy governments, or even us — can ever read your email, or attachments, except for your intended recipient(s)! THIRTY (30) DAY ZERO OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL - Give it a try. You’ll like it! ONLY 99 CENTS A YEAR - That is per email account that you own. No hidden or "gotcha" charges or fees. If you have 2 email addresses (a work email and a personal, for example), it’s 2 x 99 cents per year. That’s it! You can even opt for multi-year or lifetime subscriptions for additional savings. SUPER EASY SETUP AND USE - It’s like setting up any other email app. Probably easier. Then, just use email as you do today. The encryption is automatic and seamless. WORKS WITH ANY EMAIL ADDRESS - SecureMyEmail is end-to-end email encryption for your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, your work email...whatever. CHANGE NOTHING - You can use SecureMyEmail for all your email or seamlessly switch back and forth with a favorite email app or webmail. PROTECTS YOUR EMAIL **AND** ATTACHMENTS - Encrypt documents, tax forms, files, etc. ACCESS YOUR ENCRYPTED EMAIL FROM ALL YOUR DEVICES - Works on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS (coming soon!) SWISS PRIVACY LAW PROTECTION - SecureMyEmail systems are housed in Swiss data centers and managed by our Swiss corporation, Better World Security GmbH, in the Canton of Geneva. FULLY PGP COMPATIBLE - Have *real* PGP keys that you can use with other PGP software and websites. ADVANCED CRYPTO FEATURES - Although super simple to use, we do have some goodies for the cryptographically savvy. Key management, on-demand key regeneration, import/export of PGP keys, etc. SECURE MULTIPLE EMAIL ADDRESSES - You can add multiple email addresses in your SecureMyEmail software and manage them all in one place. UNLIMITED CONTACTS - Add as many friends and contacts as you like. From your end, it’s still only 99 cents per year. UNLIMITED USE - Send and receive all the encrypted email your heart desires for same low price. NO ADS - Because they suck. ???? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ NEW FEATURES, SUCH AS SWIPE GESTURES, ARE COMING SOON. CHECK THE SUPPORT SECTION OF OUR WEBSITE FOR INFO. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ We’d love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns! Please email us at: Or, check out our Facebook or Twitter here:

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SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email

SecureMyEmail Encrypted Email : Whats New

- Implemented swipe actions on messages in Inbox - Added "long press" action to select multiple messages in Inbox - Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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