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New Zealand Topo Maps Pro
ATLOGIS Geoinformatics GmbH & Co. KG       Maps & Navigation

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New Zealand Topo Maps Pro : Description

New Zealand Topo Maps Pro : Easy to use outdoor navigation app with most recent topographic maps of New Zealand, Cook Islands and Tokelau. This app gives you similar mapping options as you might know from Garmin or Magellan GPS handhelds. *** Updated Topo50 maps to 2017 Edition ! *** Main features for outdoor-navigation: • Bulk-download of map tiles for OFFLINE USAGE (not for Google and Bing maps) • Create and edit Waypoints • GoTo-Waypoint-Navigation • Create and edit Routes • Route-Navigation (Point-to-Point Navigation) • Track Recording (with speed, elevation and accuracy profile) • Tripmaster with fields for odometer, average speed, bearing, elevation, etc. • GPX-Import / Export, KML-Export • Search (placenames, POIs, streets) • Customizable datafields in Map View and Tripmaster (e.g. Speed, Distance, Compass, ...) • Share Waypoints, Tracks or Routes (via eMail, Facebook, ..) • Use Coordinates in UTM, WGS84 or MGRS • and many more ... Overlay layers: • Public Conservation Areas • Open Hunting Areas • DOC Camp Sites • DOC Freedom Camping Restrictions • DOC Huts • DOC TRacks • Taupo Trout Fishing District • Hillshading Use this navigation app for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, climbing, riding, skiing, canoeing or offroad 4WD tours. Preload FREE map data for areas without cell service. The topographic maps were created by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). Topo50 is the official topographic map series used by New Zealand emergency services. How topographic information is used Defence planning: New Zealand's defence forces use topographic information for planning military exercises and swapping information with international partners. Location and routing: Search and Rescue, defence, ambulance, fire service, police and civil defence agencies use topographic information in a wide range of planning and operational situations, from natural disasters to community policing. Usage may involve mobile/field and control room situations, and the combination of topographic information with other data. Land management: Topographic information is used by local government for regional planning and operations, and by power, gas and telecommunications companies. In addition, LINZ maps are used for a great variety of purposes by businesses and government departments such as the Department of Conservation, and by recreational users such as trampers and tourists. All topographic maps have additional labels for better readability at higher zoom scales. Maps are rendered with Atlogis® hillshading to enhance topography. Topo Map Coverage: New Zealand and Islands (Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell, Chatham, Kermadec, Raoul, Snares and Stewart Islands) at scale 1:50.000 and 1:250.000 Cook Islands (Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Manihiki, Mauke, Mitiaro, Palmerston, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rakahanga, Rarotonga, Suwarrow, Takute) at scale 1:25.000 Tokelau Islands (Atafu, Nukunonu, Fakaofo) at scale 1:25.000 Please send comments and feature requests to

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New Zealand Topo Maps Pro New Zealand Topo Maps Pro New Zealand Topo Maps Pro New Zealand Topo Maps Pro New Zealand Topo Maps Pro

New Zealand Topo Maps Pro : Whats New

• New Compass supporting 'mils' • New Bulk-Download with Progress-Indicator • Waypoint Photos • Thumb icons for tracks, routes and cached maps • Improvements & Fixes

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