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تحميل وتنزيل KidsApp APK 2019 برابط مباشر للاندرويد

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KidsApp : احصائيات لـــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

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Language KidsApp English

KidsApp : شرح ووصف لـــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

KidsApp : This learning app will enable children to learn letters, names of animals and fruits, draw over the letters and learn words in alphabetical order with voice pronunciation. Also children can play challenges like find missing letters, cut the fruit etc. KidsApp is absolutely free of charge. -> Simple, colorful and attractive design - sparse content on a single screen to retain kid's focus without distractions. -> Simple and large buttons for the kids to be able to click easily. . -> Speech enabled - kids learns to identify objects by their names. -> Schools can make use the app to teach in nursery or kindergarten courses. -> Preschool teachers can hand over the app on tablets as educational activities. This learning app has following features:- -> Introduction of alphabets from A to Z both small and capital letters with audio. -> Learn about animals with cool images and audio. -> A section to learn different colors. 'Paint a car' by tapping on paint bucket. -> Trace alphabets - This section will help the kids to trace over alphabets A to Z. This free draw will improve their writing skills. -> Introducing different objects, animals, fruits and birds with images and its pronounciation in alphabetical order. -> Kids can learn about fruits with images and its audio. Challenges - This is the most interesting section of this learning app. This section is featured with four challenges with different levels. Succesfull attempts in the challenges will reward 3 stars in each level. -> Blast the fruit :- Blast/Explode a fruit by tapping on it. Identify correct fruit from given choices. -> Jigsaw :- Re-arrange shuffled jigsaw's in the correct order. A preview of original image is provided, so kids can arrange it effortlessly. -> Fill the letter :- This section show an image and let the kids to fill the missing letter. Three options are given on three boxes at the bottom. -> Match it :- Three jigsaw with images on left side and names of the jigsaw on right side. This is a match the following concept to drap and connect the jigsaw with correct word. -> Gifts :- Grab more stars from challenges to unlock amazing gifts. -> Settings - Option to On/Off music and audio, Reset tutorials etc

KidsApp : لقطات الشاشة والصور لــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

KidsApp KidsApp KidsApp KidsApp KidsApp

KidsApp : ما الجديد في برنامج / لعبة

Performance improvement and compatible up to Android Nougat

KidsApp : تحميل وتنزيل

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