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تحميل وتنزيل Tap Cat Jump APK 2019 برابط مباشر للاندرويد

Tap Cat Jump
Wasabi Applications (わさびアプリケーションズ株式会社)       Racing

Tap Cat Jump : احصائيات لـــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

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Language Tap Cat Jump English

Tap Cat Jump : شرح ووصف لـــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

Tap Cat Jump : It’s a simple game, but it is extremely hard that you’ll be addicted for sure. Here is a certain planet of cats. Blue cat is undergoing a severe training to become a hero. He has no name yet. Yellow cat is his older brother. Today is the training day of flying, which is essential to all heroes, so you need to master the art of consecutive jumping. Without anyone asking for it, yellow cat installed all kinds of traps. Since there was nothing we could have done, we decided to aim for the goal by evading these traps. Let’s start the training right now!! Operation is easy! Cat jumps when the screen gets tapped. This is a game of jumping consecutively in mid-air. It’s simple, but hard. You need little techniques for tapping. Try various methods of tapping. It all depends on whether if you can sustain your concentration and stay calm. Test the limits of your fingers. The game is over when you touch an obstacle. The game is also over once you fall to the bottom of the screen. Aim for the top intently. It is the worst feeling when you couldn’t complete the level. But you will be impressed of yourself once you complete the level. Depending on the height of the goal, there are 6 levels. It will get difficult as the height of the goal increases. And once you beat this certain level… Well, I’ll keep this a secret. Try to become a hero with blue cat! This game will train your concentration, composure and power of your fingers. This is a game for all ages and it is not only for cat lovers. This game is entirely free. Let’s give this game a casual challenge! 【Profile of Blue Cat】 ・He is illustrated in an American pop style that he is cute, but also little ugly. ・He has no name yet. ・He is a boy wanting to become a hero. ・His reflexes is so amazing that he can jump in mid-air. ・He is a hard worker that he will try to accomplish everything. ・His favorite food is a chocolate. ・The alphabet on his chest seems to change. 【Profile of Yellow Cat】 ・He also has no name yet. ・He is the older brother of blue cat. ・He says he can be a hero anytime, but he doesn’t like training. ・He acts big, but his little brother is superior in everything when compared. ・His favorite food is a cookie. ・The alphabet on his chest also seems to change. Any idea for the name of this character.

Tap Cat Jump : لقطات الشاشة والصور لــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

Tap Cat Jump Tap Cat Jump Tap Cat Jump Tap Cat Jump Tap Cat Jump

Tap Cat Jump : ما الجديد في برنامج / لعبة

small bug fixes

Tap Cat Jump : تحميل وتنزيل

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