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Download AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms APK

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms
Dharvee Concepts LLC       Productivity

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms : Statistics

Rating 2.8

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Language AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms Arabic

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms : Description

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms : New Features Added: 1. Option for Manual/Automatic change of Online/Offline Status. 2. Miles recording and breakdown by individual platform driving. 3. Revenue performance Analysis by Individual Rideshare. 3. Minor Bug Fixed and Lots of Improvements. After a slow night of driving, many drivers wonder how they can increase their ride numbers and bring in more income. There is always an option to use more than one application or phones to get connected to the customers; however, it is a tedious job to remember to be online on multiple rideshare apps and remember to switch between the applications and manage the settings when you are engaged in a ride. AutoSwitch comes as a must aficionado to the drivers wanting to maximize their income. AutoSwitch brings a new explication in the life of drivers allowing them to drive for multiple rideshare concurrently. It may look like a bit of non-productive job that rotates around sitting in the driver's seat however, it does check the nerves and always keep the drivers on their toes. In such scenario, AutoSwitch not only comes in handy but also excels in providing extra job or ride while maintaining its core efficiency on the go. AutoSwitch has made reputable impression over the rideshare industry and moreover has become the driver's favorite app. With a class of user friendly interface and attention to smallest detail, AutoSwitch makes the life of drivers a little less “bumpy ride”. Following are some of the salient features of the application: 1. Increase Efficiency Driving for multiple rideshare at the same time increases efficiency while helping drivers maintain a high volume of ride requests throughout their time. This ultimately allows a driver to earn more money with less idle time spent behind the wheel. 2. Easy Accessibility AutoSwitch will allow driver to be online on both the application at the same time through an Android device. When a ride is accepted on one application, AutoSwitch opens and reminds the driver to go off line in the second application. Similarly, AutoSwitch again kicks while completing a ride and would open the application where the driver was off line and remind them to go online at the completion of ride. Thus, AutoSwitch proves as a must companion of drivers, eliminating the need to remember to turn OFF and ON the other application when driver is engaged in a ride or are FREE to accept Ride. 3. Safety and Voice command Autoswitch allows the driver to open the relevant application with a specific voice command so that the driver can concentrate on driving more than managing two applications. The application creates a safe driving experience for the driver by lessening the number of clicks on the phone screen. 4. Track Mileage A great functionality provided to the drivers. With this innovative feature, driver can track their miles driven for taxes at the end of the year. The features provide accurate data for mileage as well as the actual time worked by the driver. 5. Income Record Management The application provides space to record exact details of the total earning from both the apps allowing driver to have a complete control and record of their earnings. AutoSwitch also provides insights with an analysis so that driver can gauge the performance for both the apps. In a nut shell, AutoSwitch is a boon for the drivers as it helps them to concentrate in driving rather then remembering and flipping between the apps and opening and closing the apps when needed. **No credit card need for Trial period, and No Automatic renewal of subscription.** If you have any suggestion/feedback for us. Please write us on .

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms : Screenshots

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms : Whats New

AutoSwitch: Drive for Multiple Rideshare Platforms : Download

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