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تحميل وتنزيل Skate Lines APK 2019 برابط مباشر للاندرويد

Skate Lines
Agens AS       Action

Skate Lines : احصائيات لـــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

Rating 4.5

Votes 18137

Downloads 500,000+
Language Skate Lines English

Skate Lines : شرح ووصف لـــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

Skate Lines : The next Skate Lines game (Skate Lines 2) is under development it's called Skate City - visit for more info! This skateboarding game has very simple and intuitive controls for doing a large variety of tricks. You can do 36 different flat ground tricks in regular, fakie or nollie stance and combine them with rotations to do tricks like nollie bs-flips or fs-flips. You can also do 20 different slides blunts and grinds and flip in and out. Skate down handrails and flip down stairs. You can now skate in Oslo as well as in a morning and night scene. Skate Lines allows you to record your favourite tricks and lines and share them to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Everyplay. In turn, you get to discover and copy runs that other players have created – giving you access to an endless feed of new ideas to explore.

Skate Lines : لقطات الشاشة والصور لــ تطبيق / برنامج / لعبة

Skate Lines Skate Lines Skate Lines Skate Lines Skate Lines

Skate Lines : ما الجديد في برنامج / لعبة

- Reverted from OpenGL 3.0 to 2.0-> crappier graphics but less crashes - Added Hockey app for crash reports. If its still crashing get yourself a new phone... Just kidding, we are constantly working on fixing crashes! -_-

Skate Lines : تحميل وتنزيل

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